Telepresence Robot monthly meeting

Telepresence Robot monthly meeting

With a wonderful introduction from Dr. Hung, we were introduced to Soyi and her art presentation. She spoke of her organization in HK and its usage of art to foster art learning, social connection, and ownership in older adults with dementia.

Afterwards, we together provided our staff champion Jeff a birthday surprise together and acknowledged his great contribution to the lab.

Moreover, our lab members Jason, Joey, Jeff, Grace, and Adam shared their experiences in implementing telerobots in different long-term care (LTC) homes that we partnered with all the participants and we have gained critical feedback from our patient partners.

Finally, we concluded the meeting by discussing about our headphone features, lab pillow ordering, and telerobot licensing

One of the highlights in the meeting is we together celebrate Joey’s first first-authored paper on staff and leadership teams’ perspectives on the anticipated facilitators and barriers to the implementation of Telerobots in long-term care homes!