Co-Create Virtual Reality/Learning Innovation System (LIS)

Co-Create Virtual Reality/Learning Innovation System (LIS)

The hospital environment for older adults living with dementia can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. Further, hospitalized patients experience digital inequity. They lack access to technology for non-pharmacological psychosocial interventions. This project aims to establish  a novel model-Learning Innovation System (LIS)- in a hospital setting where a VR intervention will be co-developed and tested with patients, families, industry, staff, and decision-makers in the field in real-time to accelerate adoption. The project is funded by New Frontier in Research Fund. 

LIS draws from principles of Collaborative Action Research (CAR) to develop technology interventions using an inclusive approach for sustainability. 

Who are we working with?

We are partnering with Vancouver Coastal Health, Simon Fraser University and University of Waterloo.

The Team

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lillian Hung

Co-Investigators: Dr. Angelica Lim & Dr. Ben Mortenson

Project Coordinator: Lily Ren Haopu

Team Members: Dr Jim Mann, Lily Wong, Joey Wong, Karen Wong, Yasmin Mohammadkhani, Luoci Zhang, Renee Jan

Please contact Lily Ren Haopu at if you have any questions/interest.

Our Activity & Knowledge Translation Snapshots

AGE WELL EPIC Conference 2024

Our Family Partner Christine Wallsworth and Lily Haopu Ren of the Co-Create Virtual Reality Program co-presented at the AGE WELL EPIC Conference 2024 on May 24th 2024.We are thankful for the support from our PI, Dr. Lillian Hung and Co-PIs, Dr. Ben Mortenson and Dr. Angelica Lim, Ph.D.. We are proud of our intergenerational and inter-disciplinary teamwork with collaborators, partners, and trainees.

Visit and Sharing in VGH on May 17th 2024