Giggles’ trip to Asia

Giggles’ trip to Asia

Giggles, which is the name for our first telerobot😊, is traveling around the world 🌍 with our lab members! In this photo, Giggles is looking at Malaysia from Singapore with Dr. Hung and Lily! 

As for this photo, Giggles is next to HongKong’s famous LionRock!🤟🏻🌍

This time Giggles is traveling with Dr. Hung and Lily to downtown Singapore! Can you tell it is facing Esplanade🙌🏻

Furthermore, together with Dr. Hung and Lily, Giggle has been to HongKong Poly University and Victoria Harbor! Giggles connects our lab to the world! 😀

And this time, Giggles went along side with Dr.Hung and Lily and attended the opening ceremony of the IAGG Asia 2023 conference! Read more about the conference through this link: