Learning Health Systems

Learning Health Systems: Exploring Together What an Evolving and Collaborative Healthcare System Can Look Like

Learning Health Systems is a concept where researchers and healthcare stakeholders including patients, families, healthcare providers, and health leaders work collaboratively and continuously to learn with/from each other, to improve healthcare delivery and research. The concept seems easy to understand and obvious, but how it can be achieved is still a question that doesn’t have a concrete answer, and the “System” will look different for every community.

How Will This Be Achieved?

The IDEA Lab is teaming up with Vancouver Coastal Health’s Vancouver Community Health Services (Vancouver Community), with support from the Michael Smith Health Research BC C2 grant, to explore the why, what, and how Learning Health Systems should/can/will look like for community health services at VCH.

The project is starting as a 18-month journey, where community members and partners are invited to share their thoughts through story-telling and Design Jam sessions. We hope at the end of the 18-month journey, the partners will form a Community of Practice and feel empowered and ready to continue the journey of further developing and sustaining a Learning Health Systems that suits the needs and environment of their community. We look forward to sharing the insights co-created by all stakeholders through different knowledge translation methods.

Our Team:

From the IDEA Lab: Dr. Lillian Hung, Margaret Lin, Haniya Bharucha, Ian Chan, Irene Chen, Afshan Feroz, Huini Ge, Adam Lin, Ranbir Rai, Karen Wong, Cissy Yuan.

From VCH and Community: Dr. Krisztina Vasarhelyi, Brittany Bingham, Andreas Pilarinos, Shannon Field, Tracy Windsor, Elaina Moss, Steven Barnes, Leo Gosselin, Sue MacDonald, Regina Casey, Simon Davies, John Higenbottam, Lori Benning, Alexander Rutherford, Stephania Manusha, Joleen Wright, Jaw-Yung Kwon, Ly Nguyen, Balpreet Sasan, and many healthcare and community partners

Please reach out to Margaret Lin, Project Coordinator, for any question or interest about the project.

Email: chenmei.lin@ubc.ca

Knowledge Translation Tools

To make the synthesized knowledge actionable and accessible, we co-created different posters and online posts for equitable sharing. Please click on the following posters and pictures if you are interested in.

If you are interested, please view our LHS Pillars below in PDF format:


These photos are from two recent events we had in February 2024! Our team engaged health care staff, health system administrators, individuals, Indigenous elders, families, peers and community partners in the Vancouver Coastal Health Community in two sessions to co-design LHS:

We had an Online Storytelling Session in June 2023 and an In-person Design Jam Co-design Workshop in February 2024.

Thank you to everybody who joined to share their valuable experiences and insights!