Spooky Halloween

Spooky Halloween

We shared the Halloween trick and treat with the LTC residents and staff. our team enjoyed trick and treating patients and staff on different care homes sites.


Dorothy dressed as a spooky cat, Paris dressed as a bat, Charlie and Joey participated remotely with help of Dorothy the robot.

Dorothy dressed as the spooky cat, Spooky Halloween Dorothy
Joey decorated the Trick and Treat box

Spooky Bo

Danny helped Jeff and Paris during the trick and treat. Charlie shared remotely through Dorothy the robot
Erika, Lillian, Paris and Charlie going Trick and Treat with Dorothy at VGH LTC

Villa Cathay

BoBo; the robot was so excited to go trick and treat with our team and residents in Villa Cathay. Lillian and Joey joined the event remotely with the help of BoBo and Carly took BoBo on a tour and introduce him to Villa Cathay residents.

BoBo is excited to start trick and treat