The iPad Project

What is the iPad Project?

For individuals with dementia, staying in long term care (LTC) can be quite a stressful experience due to an unfamiliar care environment. As a result, residents can often respond with fear and even anger to care that is provided. This research project aims to address this issue by introducing a new behavioral intervention, allowing family members of residents to pre-record videos. These videos are then played through iPads to the LTC residents to reassure them and help calm them down. Often, the videos can be used to explain the care situation, leading to residents cooperating with care. These videos can also help support connection between the LTC resident and their family members.

Working with Richmond General Hospital

The iPad project was implemented at Richmond General Hospital, where we worked with staff to develop this system. This video describes their experience with the iPad project:

The Toolkit

As part of our research, we’ve produced a toolkit to help with the development of these videos.

The toolkit contains a video, shown to the right, that explains how to create a personalized video message. It also contains a brochure with helpful tips, and a pocket card with tips for LTC staff. You can find them by clicking on the following two links:

Link to brochure and Link to Pocket Card.

See this page for more information: VCHRI page on the iPad Project

Here are more videos explaining the benefits of using iPads to support patients in LTC:

Check out some of our publications!

Our first paper on this project: Link to first paper

Our most recent paper: Link to most recent paper

Our Team

Our iPad Project team worked together with patient partners as co-researchers, gaining their valuable input throughout the whole study.

Team members: Lillian Hung, Bryan Chow, John Shadarevian, Ryan O’Neill, Annette Berndt, Christine Wallsworth, Neil Horne, Mario Gregorio, Jim Mann, Cathy Son, Habib Chaudhury. See our ‘About Us’ page to learn more about our lab members.