UBC IDEA Lab Website Launch

Welcome the new IDEA Lab website!

Our lab aims to innovate in dementia care for older adults, often through the use of new technology. Our research is primarily patient-oriented and therefore we work closely with our many patient partners to improve outcomes of patients.

Here’s an overview of how our site is organized, to help you find your way around:

Home page: Overview of our site and our lab. This page will stay updated with any recent news or events we may be hosting, as well as some highlights of our current projects

Projects: The main project page will have a list of our current projects, as well as some descriptions for past projects we’ve completed. Each of our current and recent projects will have a separate page with more details and content on that individual project, which you can get to via the drop-down menu on the navigation bar, or through the table we’ve included on the main project page.

Events: This page will list any upcoming events our lab is attending, or any events we’re hosting. This may be conferences we’re presenting at, or maybe hackathons we host.

News: Any recent news from our lab will be shown here, which can be anything related to project updates or any big announcements we have!

Resources: We’ll list resources related to our work here, such as sites of our partners, or any resources on the UBC site that we’ve used for our work.

About: This page will show an overview of what our lab is about, and our mission statement.

Contact: Finally, our contact page will give you information on how to get in touch with us or get involved, as well as show the information about our many lab members!

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the work we do, feel free to subscribe at the bottom of any of our site’s pages.
We’ll send out regular updates to show you what we’ve been up to!